It has been our great pleasure to work with Airport Lighting Systems over the past decade. Within the specialized world of airfield construction, it is vital to network with organizations that are well versed in the complexities of this work. When bidding on projects, Airport Lighting Systems promptly respond to our often last minute requests with competitive pricing. Following placement of orders, Courtney and her staff keep us informed from inception to completion in a very timely manner. We will not hesitate in partnering with Airport Lighting Systems on any future projects.

Thanks for the great service – it’s incredible! I would like to personally thank ALS for their outstanding products and service.

Resultant of several years and multiple projects working with the Airport Lighting Systems, we can confidently describe their services as exceeding all expectations and at the highest level of professional excellence. Their entire staff remains extraordinarily responsive to the details as well as supplemental service requests throughout the duration of any project. This regardless of any difficulties that may arise. They provide solutions…not excuses. Their services and teamwork have been a major reason for our success within the industry. We will continue to include Airport Lighting Systems within all future project’s.

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this testimonial for Airport Lighting Systems, Inc. and I was eager to do so. The Dallas Fort Worth Airport Board has been doing business with this company for well over 25 years. Now, we have done business for this length of time with other vendors as well, but here is what sets ALS, Inc. apart from the others…Customer Service. In today’s fast paced “order, bill and pay” business platform, customer service is the area which is normally touted as a company’s greatest strength but seldom truly is. Not so with ALS, Inc. This is a refreshing wheelhouse for this company.  ALS, Inc. has, in every situation been professional, timely and comprehensive in all business matters. Here at DFW Int’l Airport Board we have often tasked ALS, Inc. with procuring outdated or difficult to locate fixtures, lamps and other hardware. ALS, Inc. has always come through in every situation! We are proud to be business partners with such an outstanding company.

Chris Belcher, DFW Airport

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